About Us


Meet Companion

The Companion app is the ultimate solution. It is a first-in-kind app helping patients and their caregivers overcome speech and language barriers to communicate effectively. With this tool, one can easily overcome communication difficulties in the hospital or in the recovery process at home. With a tap, one can share any phrases that come with the app or write their words to be spoken out.

A Bridge Between Patient & Caregiver

We understand how frustrating it is when patients struggle to verbally communicate their needs and concerns to get help.  Thousands of people are struggling with speech impairment due to critical medical conditions. Companion help them to easily communicate their needs and demands to their caregivers

Get Companion On All Devices

The app is available on all devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop screens. Get it now at the Huawei store.

Why Companion?

The Companion app is the ultimate communication tool that is specifically made for speech impairment people to tell their needs and requirements to caregivers. 

Our Super Power is to Help People In Need

Companion won’t let any barriers be an obstacle for you in communicating with your caretakers.